FMCG brands

Tracebrand Solutions works with a wide range of products

Product categories

Tracebrand Solutions works with a wide range of products

Perfumes and cosmetics

Personal hygiene products

Professional hairstyling

Household and cleaning products

Food and drinks

Accessories and complements



Types of stock managed by us

Tracebrand has a solution to every need.

Export consignments

We facilitate the achievement of commercial objectives and sales budgets by marketing the products in non-traditional markets for your business.


We offer you the possibility to generate liquidity and reduce financial expenses through the definitive acquisition of your overstock, which will be marketed in a completely secure way.

Products with an old packaging

We coordinate a quick removal of stocks having an old packaging from your warehouse or points of sale with the launching of new formats.

Products with a promotional packaging

We clear stocks with a promotional packaging in a particular market or channel quickly after the end of the marketing campaign or promotion.

Obsolete and returned products

We clear obsolete and returned products quickly. Tracebrand is an expert in reverse logistics solutions and returns management.

Off-season products

We extend the lifecycle of products in cases of trend or season changes, looking for new markets without affecting new launches.

Products with a short best-before date

We provide a quick solution to products with a short best-before or sell-by date, generating liquidity and reducing losses otherwise caused by these products.

Products with neutral packaging

We facilitate the marketing of products whose original packaging is missing or damaged, ensuring compliance with your restrictions and protecting your brand image.