Tracebrand’s commitment

We meet any commercial restriction specified by the manufacturer

We supply commercial information that is useful for brands

We provide the batches with traceability

We protect your brand

Our services are focused on preserving the positioning of your brand and the marketing strategies of your company.

100% secure

Both the transparency of our systems with detailed information and the traceability of the batches ensure full control over the marketing of your products.

Only positive reports

The main brands trust in our services to manage their overstock and market their products, and we have not received a single negative report.

Traceability and commitment

Tracebrand Solutions works hand in hand with the manufacturer to find the best market and channel to sell your overstock.


of customers, channels or markets for the marketing of overstock, previously granted by the manufacturer.

Logistics control

from origin to destination and documents evidencing the sale in the authorised market.


and tracking of the batches, which allows us to closely monitor compliance with the terms of sale.

Customer validation

through a strict internal monitoring and rating system.


about our suppliers, product information and prices.

Sales reports

with sales information by customer type, channel and market, for each user.