We clear your overstock

The solution for manufacturers and official distributors
Security and protection for your brand


Our services



Reduce your financial expenses

Avoid financial expenses caused by excessive inventory, by clearing your obsolete and slow-moving products, and providing liquidity.

Reach your sales goals

Clear overstock before the closing of the accounting period in order to meet the annual budget, reaching your sales goals.

Access new markets and channels

Increase your sales in new markets and channels that are different from your traditional business while protecting the commercial agreements in your current channels.

Increase the product lifecycle

Keep or increase sales levels of mature products finding new customer or market segments.

How we do it

We specialise in the distribution of consumer goods from leading brands in alternative and unconventional channels.

Protecting your core business

Respecting your distribution agreements

Preserving your brand positioning

We create new customers

We generate additional sales to customers previously validated by you. These additional sales take place where your brand is not distributed and, as a result, your marketing strategy will not be affected.

We develop new markets

Tracebrand is an expert in selling in markets with distribution channels that are little developed and lack official distribution. Large presence in developing countries.

We open new channels

We broaden your possibilities by selling through alternative and unconventional channels where your product is not present, and we generate sales reports that give you access to detailed information.

Where we sell

Our strict customer validation system ensures that only customers previously authorised by the manufacturer and our team of experts receive the information on products and prices.

At Tracebrand we consider the protection of brand marketing strategies in the markets or channels, as well as the respect of commercial agreements signed between the industry and distributors, an essential part of our service

Our sales channels

Alternative unconventional channels, as well as corner, convenience and discount stores.

Developing and emerging countries lacking official distribution by the manufacturer.

Shipping companies, ship supplies, port shops and sales on board cruise ships.

Military camps and expatriate workers in oil platforms and mining areas.

Excess inventory management companies, stock clearance, auctions and bartering.

Motivation programmes, savings clubs and shops for employees in large companies.

Border shops and areas, travel retail, duty free and sales to diplomatic staff.